Jester illustration by Daniel RG Crandall

The Fools Prayer

Leadership Development

This poem is meaningful as a creative leadership tool. It illustrates the heart of a true creator, sincere in his craft, mocked by the court, and yet trusted to entertain a king. He has integrity, a sincere heart, and a message. The creative work of The Fool has brought him to the palace where he is entertaining at the king’s court.

Your creative craft is valuable.

Consider these things while you read this creative verse:

  • Have you put yourself out there?
  • Are you true to your personality and to your convictions?
  • Are you prepared, when called up, to address a King, or to talk to God, as a humble fool?


The Fool’s Prayer

By: Edward Rowland Sill

The royal feast was done; the King
Sought some new sport to banish care,
And to his jester cried: “Sir Fool,
Kneel now, and make for us a prayer!”

The jester doffed his cap and bells,
And stood the mocking court before;
They could not see the bitter smile
Behind the painted grin he wore.

Jester illustration by Daniel RG Crandall
illustration: Daniel RG Crandall

He bowed his head, and bent his knee
Upon the monarch’s silken stool;
His pleading voice arose: “O Lord,
Be merciful to me, a fool!

“No pity, Lord, could change the heart
From red with wrong to white as wool:
The rod must heal the sin; but, Lord,
Be merciful to me, a fool!

“ ’Tis not by guilt the onward sweep
Of truth and right, O Lord, we stay;
’Tis by our follies that so long
We hold the earth from heaven away.

“These clumsy feet, still in the mire,
Go crushing blossoms without end;
These hard, well-meaning hands we thrust
Among the heart-strings of a friend.

“The ill-timed truth we might have kept—
Who knows how sharp it pierced and stung!
The word we had not sense to say—
Who knows how grandly it had rung!

“Our faults no tenderness should ask,
The chastening stripes must cleanse them all;
But for our blunders—oh, in shame
Before the eyes of heaven we fall.

“Earth bears no balsam for mistakes;
Men crown the knave, and scourge the tool
That did his will; but Thou, O Lord,
Be merciful to me, a fool.”

The room was hushed; in silence rose
The King, and sought his gardens cool,
And walked apart, and murmured low,
“Be merciful to me, a fool!”

Edward Rowland Sill

In your sincerity, integrity and humility, God can use you to change the heart of a king.

Your creative craft is valuable. Create!

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Shift your mindset to the right space!


Leadership Development


You can apply these top eight great mindset health tips starting today!

Being a leader means people trust and follow your decisions. Keeping your mind alert is of great importance, not just for your own well being, but also for your followers, your family, your team, and any group that you lead. These 8 mindset health tips are great reminders of how you can keep your mind sharp and be the leader people respect and need.

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Start by picking one to work on and set a goal to improve in that area. Taking care of your mind will help you to be ready to make decisions, take action, and lead with confidence. 


With every failure or struggle there is a valuable lesson. Recognize what they are and then LEARN YOUR LESSONS. What is past doesn’t matter but to prepare you for what is next. YOUR ATTITUDE about the past MATTERS. So when things don’t go well, it is your time to grow. Your Mindset health tip number one is to focus your thoughts on the opportunity given by struggle and learn something new. You will do your mind a favor to NOT give the loss power over how you feel, but rather focus on what can be gained and how you are getting stronger and smarter. It’s a growth mindset.


The rest your body needs significantly affects your mind. So SLEEP. Average sleep needs vary based on age and other factors, but general medical consensus is that most of us don’t get enough. Do you get enough sleep? What you eat, or don’t, plus activity and exercise can help you sleep better. And improving your sleep lets your mind regenerate and last longer through the day. Mindset health tip number 2 is to SLEEP.


Mental fatigue can happen when you have to decipher too many messages or make many small decisions. The third mindset health tip is to TAKE FREQUENT UNINTERRUPTED BREAKS from watching news and social media, people that cause you extra stress, meetings, and answering emails.


Like a muscle or any other organ, your brain needs to get out and exercise. Get it out of your regular pattern or box by doing something creative and EXERCISE YOUR BRAIN. Try to engage in remembering things before you look them up, tell stories and and allow moments of creative activity regularly. If you are alone all day you can doodle, build a puzzle, learn a new trick or play an instrument. Great creative and engage your mind in exercise for a healthy happy life.


Finishing is like dropping a weight. It doesn’t matter how big or how small, you notice that you’ve dropped it, and you make room for something else in your hand – or our mind. When you COMPLETE a SMALL TASK such as making your bed in the morning, you are finishing something and your brain gets a healthy dose of release and satisfaction. Even when you complete a routine task every day, your brain gets positive reinforcement that you are stable, in control and finishing one thing to begin the next. The one simple act of finishing can help train your mind to find satisfaction in completion. Instead of being bored and distracted, you will have more focus to finish a project, and then more focus for something new.


BEING HONEST with others and with yourself gives your mind rest. It is taxing on your brain, and can be negative to your whole nervous system to tell a lie. It puts your brain automatically into a heightened state of fear. I don’t encourage being mean or always saying what you feel, just because it’s true! But when you choose to be kind in a truthful manner you will gain trust with others. The practice helps you think more positive encouraging thoughts instead of negative. Telling the truth with kindness is truly a great healthy mindset habit.


Everyone gets hurt or offended sometimes. But for your own mind’s sake, LET IT GO. You will immediately feel relief when you forgive, or let something go that was bothering you. And the act of forgiving makes you stronger so things don’t bother you the next time. It also improves your relationships and most importantly, frees up your mind for more important things. Yes, some hurts are real, and require some sort of action or remedy, but that doesn’t mean that you need to hold onto the hurt on the inside. You can LET IT GO


You don’t have to ignore emotions or shame yourself for what you feel. Emotions are valuable. They alert you to what is around you and to your own mind and body experience. Mindset health tip 8 is to LET YOURSELF FEEL – at least acknowledge the feelings. However you don’t have ot let your feelings rule or make a hasty decisions just based on feeling. Simply admit to yourself how you feel, even admit it out loud. And consider why you feel that way—right or wrong. Emotions are a vital and often overlooked part of clear thinking. So listen, let yourself feel, and then you will be able to make a clear decision—feelings being just one part of the equation.

These are my top 8 Mindset Health Tips! These have been adapted for other blogs, but are important to share with my audience. And there are many more ways to keep your brain at peak performance! Like getting fresh air outside on a regular basis, and hopefully some sunlight at the same time, both of which can help your mind stay alert.

What’s your favorite daily mindset health tip to keep your creative mind sharp?

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