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Look Like a Pro On Your Webinar Video!

As a photographer and Video Producer, I get asked a lot about giving webinars and a better, more professional brand experience in online conferences and meetings.

Culturally a lot of us haven’t caught up yet, but how you look on webcam is sort of like how you dress for work int he morning. People can’t really see that stain on your shirt, or. even know if you are wearing anything below the frame.

But what we forget is that people DO still judge you based on a first impression – and that is based on your appearance!

Your Webcam Matters!

Built-in webcams are almost always sub standard. Yes, even if you own a Mac, your built-in webcam is not professional grade. If you have a good phone, that can be great to use – until you need a larger screen, or a desktop stand.

The right solution is a good webcam.

Without changing much at all in your setup, a good camera simply gives you a sharper appearance, greater control, and even adapts to difficult lighting better.

I Highly recommend Logitech Webcams!

Yes, I do get a small affiliate fee from Adorama if you buy one of these. BUT that’s not why I recommend them. There are plenty of other webcams available, that I could recommend too. The beauty of Logitech is two-fold:

  1. First they make you look better than other cameras.
    In my experience with lots of cameras, lens quality matters! and when you pay for a Logitech, the lens you get is just superior—and the world can see it. And as a photographer I know how the difference in lens quality makes a huge difference in your final image, quality of light, and true sharpness of image.
  2. Second, they give you control!
    Mostly I recommend Logitech because of the FREE software provided. The Logitech software is available as a FREE download, but only works with Logitech cams. It is superior to whatever else you might find out there – and everything else will cost you a monthly subscription now! [Future rant about everything going subscription goes here!]. Logitech has a long history of maintaining great support for their products with updated drivers and control software that give you the power over your high quality Logitech device. From light and dark controls to cropping and zooming, you will be happy you got a Logitech cam!

Above are the Logitech Webcams I recommend at Adorama Cameras
(affiliate links)

Compare with other cameras that cost $10 to $20 less, but then you will end up paying for software to improve the camera. There is another great hack I’ve found, if you don’t want to buy a new camera. It’s the best independent software I’ve found, called Camo Studio. Even the free version will allow you to hook up an old iPhone as your webcam (through an app called Reincubate Camo that you install on the iPhone), It has powerful features to control the iPhone or other webcams you may own, but to get the great features… you guessed it… you have to subscribe.

So the FREE software that controls a Logitech camera is simply better because you paid for it with your device! Get a Logitech camera. You’ll be happy you did!


LIGHT—because you want to look human on your webcam!

When it comes to lights, you have lighting in your office anyway, right? Below are some links to the style of lighting I recommend.

Here is why updating your office lighting can help!

The the large, square white lampshade gives the most flattering effect on your face, softening shadows, especially with the right kind of light bulbs of course…

The bulbs, while they are a little more expensive than your average LED bulbs, they are powerful like a 100 watt bulb, but also full-spectrum and daylight color, and dimmable (not all LED lights can be dimmed).

And the colored light? That’s just my recommendation for a creative addition you can use as a hair-light, or you can add a little brand color to your background… Get creative!

So, the bottom line is…

  • You need a webcam with good control (Logitech).
  • You need a large light source or multiple light sources, bright, wide, and close to you to avoid harsh shadows.
  • And you need lightbulbs that will make you look alive, are bright, and dimmable!

I’m available to help you set up your webcam in your home or office, or help you build a studio for frequent shooting.

Now you can Webcam like a pro!

Daniel RG Crandall

Daniel Crandall, marketing director with NolensvilleBrands
Daniel RG Crandall, Small Business Coach and Contract Marketing Director

Desktop office lamps with a wide flat shade will create flattering light with softer shadows. Two or more bulbs allow you to be in control.

Floor or table lamps can easily be moved and redirected to create perfect accents as your second light, over the shoulder or hair light.

Matching LED bulbs installed will help make you look great! And you can add an accent color bulb to reinforce your brand color.

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