Young man with something to say

Something to Say!


I believe you have something to say!

Now to blog or not blog…

Considering whether to blog or not to blog? Do you know your audience?

Know your Audience.

Are you talking to me…? Who are you talking to?

If I don’t know the audience I want to reach, I’m a little bit like the kid in the lunch room who sits alone, in a crowded room, who occasionally blurts out something to nobody in particular.

That’s not a pretty picture.

If you don’t know—your aren’t sure who your audience is, who will listen, or who wants to hear form you—then you must PICK the audience you want to reach.

Go up to that group of people, or a person in the group, and start talking to them!

And when you start the conversation you immediately learn something. For example:

  1. You might find out that you have something in common to talk about. As long as they are interested, and you have something important to give to the conversation, keep the chatter going.
  2. Perhaps there is something valuable you have to offer the group. Offer it. Tell them about it. Or tell them about the part they are interested in now… based on your short conversation so far.
  3. Silence. You might find out that you have no place talking to this group. They are not interested. You don’t like them. You are in the wrong room. Whatever. STOP. Either change your message, change how you approach the group, or simply go talk with someone else.

Life is a big party. Or maybe it’s a series of little parties. Or maybe it’s a work party. Regardless, talk to someone interested in what you are doing. Yes, someone wants to hear your message. And that’s how you find your audience.

So, how does this look in the virtual world?

If you don’t personally know your audience, or your voice yet, here is my BEST advice.

  • Find a PHOTO of one single person who you don’t know, then NAME them and print out the photo or save it to your computer desktop as your background.
  • Next, write a description of that one person, what they do, and why they need you.
  • Whenever you write marketing or BLOG copy, talk directly to them. Look at the picture and know WHY you want to reach them. Know what you want them to do once you reach them.

These creative ideas all seem artsy, weird, or ethereal at first, but they are simply a way to commit to your decision. When you do this, you make choices and stick to them. To use an analogy, picking an audience is like picking seeds for your garden. You don’t know what crop you want, and you don’t know what will grow in the soil yet… but you have to pick something specific, otherwise you won’t know what to do with it. Does it need full sun or part shade? Do I plant it in rich, moist soil or does it need good drainage? You might not even recognize it from a weed when it comes up and you’ll kill it.

Don’t kill your audience by the way. That’s good advice forever.

You have something to say to your audience. You can decide to blog or not to Blog.

But people are waiting to hear form you!

It’s simply a choice you make when choosing your audience. But once you pick an audience, walk up to them, be yourself and start connecting with people.

Oh, and if you’re a wallflower type, your audience doesn’t have to be big. You don’t have to be loud. But you do have to show up to the party and talk with at least one person. Your conversation will go deeper and last longer.

Hair Light -senior portrait example

Illuminate Yourself!


Light from behind is one of the tricks of a pro that you can use in you home or small office to really stand out!

(I considered the title “You Need a Headlight!” — which do you think is better?)

Since 2007, when I picked up my first DSLR camera, I’ve been learning how to work with light. Creating good lighting for a video production or a photo shoot is a blend of art and science. In a small office or home studio the existing light—room light, window light, direct sun—is usually a factor. I love to help people fix their lighting so they love their office environment and look great on camera too!

Here are my links to couple of lights I love and how to use them in your office!
(affiliate links to products I love, that will help you create the office you love!)

Over-the-shoulder lamps

Also called a “Hair Light” by pros, a lamp like this is positioned above and slightly behind you, so it doesn’t shine on your face (watch the nose and forehead when you lean back in your chair!). What you get is a defined light halo on your head and/or shoulders that creates visual depth, separating you from your background and making you look sharp, and intelligent! Position the light just out of view of the camera for the best effect.

This is a time where you like the light to be smaller and a little more harsh in appearance because it’s creating a line, or a stroke of light around your silhouette from behind.

daylight bulb in a small office floor lamp. Great for separation from background!Silver metal floor lamp from Dot & Bo. A perfect hair light!
Small floor lamp with daylight bulb.
This is a great hair light for a small office.
Best Recommendation for a Hair Light!
There are plenty of great looking floor lamps that can can help create separation from behind or above when you are sitting or standing. Perfect with a daylight bulb or toned bulb for a brand effect!

Try it out!

As a test on camera, you can simply hold a flashlight (phone flash) over your head and behind, and see how the light hits you directly to separate you from the background!

Hair Light -senior portrait example
This senior portrait illustrates separation from the background with a strong hair light. I used the natural bounce of light off of a gray cement wall in this shot. Printers Alley, Nashvile, TN – copyright © Daniel Crandall 2019